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July 13, 2019
The new icons in Google search results

Google recently rolled out a new design of the mobile search results worldwide. The two most striking differences are that the paid results are now even more difficult to distinguish from organic search results, and that the organic results now show an icon next to the website URL. Not much is known about the opportunities that the new icons offer. How can you best use the icons, both technically and as a way to stand out?

June 25, 2019
The free google tools that any (online) entrepreneur should be using

At Scope Web, Google is an essential part of everyday life. As a search engine, Google is known by the majority of people, but did you know that Google also offers a multitude of free tools to help entrepreneurs and website owners? Some Google tools are better known than others.

June 09, 2019
5 Inexpensive branding strategies for small businesses

As a small business owner, you might think branding is something that’s best left to the Apples, the Googles and the McDonalds of the world. But the truth is, it doesn’t matter how big (or how small!) our company is; if you’re in business, you need to think about branding.

June 04, 2019
Examples of Node.js development in Enterprise products

Netflix, PayPal, Intel, eBay, Groupon... What do all these names have in common? Aside from the fact that they all offer a highly popular service or product, of course. They’re all enterprises operating on a global scale, serving millions of people, and building scalable network applications. And they all went with Node.js for development.

June 03, 2019
What does it cost to build an app like Airbnb?

The vacation rental trend has gone global. Every year, millions of people leave their homes for travel, business, or to attend conferences, and they each need a temporary accommodation. You can find a hotel or hostel without any problem, but hotels can get expensive, and staying in a hostel can be uncomfortable. In 2008, Brian Chesky and Joe Gebbia created Airbnb, a startup that lets people rent private houses and apartments.