January 21, 2019

Increase your newsletter subscriber - 10 actionable tips

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In a previous blog, we talked about making the right choice for an e-mail marketing platform. There are many opportunities within e-mail marketing to reach your target group personally. But then you must, of course, have a database that consists of qualitative subscribers who like to read your newsletters. Increasing your database is, therefore, an important part of gathering new leads and customers. What do you need to consider when collecting more subscribers to your newsletter and how do you approach this practically? We are happy to give you ten tips. Continue reading and get started right away.

Content creation is one of the best sources for marketing
Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together.

Provide promotional texts with the registration form. For example, highlight the benefits of registering and give them a reason to stay up-to-date with your periodic newsletters.

  • Provide promotional texts with the registration form. For example, highlight the benefits of registering and give them a reason to stay up-to-date with your periodic newsletters.
  • Give applicants as few (mandatory) fields as possible to register for the mailings. Each field can be a threshold and thus a potential moment of abandonment.
  • Create exclusive content on your website behind a portal. This can consist of a blog with tips, a whitepaper or an e-book. This content is exchanged with the e-mail address of the visitor and in this way you build a file of leads that are interested in this type of content. Always ensure that the information provided matches your target group and your own core business so that you are always relevant.
  • Give visitors the opportunity to subscribe to your newsletter in a prominent place on your website. Create an opt-in form for this. At opt-in, the owner of an e-mail address has clearly given permission to be placed on a certain mailing list and then to receive a newsletter. A convenient place for this form is in the footer or on the contact page.
  • Take advantage of your offline network. You and your colleagues often meet interesting people at fairs, events and company drinks. Exchange your business card and ask if you can keep them up to date with news from the company and your field. Then send a reminder with the web location where they can subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Ask satisfied customers if they know people who want to use your service or products? Of course, a personal reference works best. When approaching you can start by asking if they are interested in receiving your newsletter.
  • Use an e-mail signature in all external correspondence. Make use of this space by processing a striking registration link for your mailings. Provide a strong trigger that makes the reader curious. What is your USP?
  • Pay attention to the words you choose when you try to persuade people to sign up for your newsletter. For example, replace texts such as “Register for our newsletter” by “Keep up to date with all the trends!”. People unwittingly do not want to miss anything (the known fear of missing out).
  • LinkedIn is an important platform to enlarge your database. Send your relevant LinkedIn relations an opt-in mailing to give them the opportunity to register.
  • Ensure a consistent shipping day (and perhaps even a consistent shipping time). That way reading your newsletter becomes a fixed moment in the week and your subscribers can look out for this.

All these tips are designed to enlarge your database. Which tips suit you and your company best? Try and discover. Of course, we would also like to make the comment that in the long term it is not about the quantity of your database, but about the quality.

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