April 22, 2019

4 marketing trends to monitor closely for 2019

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Developments are going very fast in the field of online marketing and technology. The newest trends have an impact on the work of marketers, and the way advertising and communication are expressed. Video ads are optimized, SEO writing will change and all marketing activities become more personal than ever. Read on to find out more about the four largest upcoming marketing trends.

Trend #1: 5G network

The arrival of the 5G network will have a major impact on the User Experience. There are - depending on the availability - no more limitations in data speed. In addition, more data will be available, resulting in higher resolution advertisements. This makes it possible to give the video ads a big boost, for example by advertising in 4K.

Much more use can be made of video advertising. For marketers, 5G is an opportunity to drastically improve the offer on the mobile phone. The expectation is that 5G will not be introduced until 2022, so you have some time to respond to this trend and get your advertising team/partner ready for this change.

5G network construction in the United States

Trend #2: Circular marketing

The circular economy has long been a household name, but what is it really about? The circular economy is an economic system focused on the reuse of raw materials and in which no finite raw material stocks are exhausted. Wow, a whole mouth full! The bottom line is that residual materials are re-used in various links of the production chain. This is a sustainable and socially responsible form of entrepreneurship (woohoo!), which is nowadays more a requirement than a perk.

The circular economy requires a different marketing approach. In the customer journey, more touch points will take place at a later stage (after the transaction). As a result, long-term relationships are built and a community is formed.

Trend #3: Voice search

Voice search is an upward trend. The expectation is that by 2020 half of all searches will take place via voice search. Search engine optimization will change; instead of keyword search, more searches will take place in the form of sentences and phrases. The SEO and SEA will also have to be adjusted accordingly. In addition, you can directly convert by means of a voice-driven search.

Trend #4: Data-driven marketing

With data-driven marketing, you can undertake personalized marketing activities. This is much more effective and is tailor-made for your target group. This has been done through the collected data. It is a good technology to use for remarketing and recurring purchases. (Can also have a major effect in the earlier phases!) - Data-driven marketing ensures that the right target group receives the right content at the right time.

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