August 09, 2018

7 reasons to have a professional website

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Like many SMEs and local entrepreneurs, you may think that a professional website does not add value to your company or that it does not fit your budget. Or do you think that because you don’t use your computer or laptop as much, your potential customers do not do that either? Typical misconceptions, if you ask me. In this post I’ll give you reasons why I think your company really needs a website. Regardless of the size and type of company.

A professional website contributes to your credibility

Nowadays more and more consumers (actually almost everyone) search online for products or services that they need. If your company is not shown to potential customers during this orientation / search, you will miss out on customers! Even if your customers know that you are selling a certain product or service, it is contradictory if you are not found in search engines. Do you already have a website? Then make sure it looks professional and up-to-date. A good looking website, a suitable web design, with current text and image material creates trust.

It is a relatively inexpensive promotional channel

You may think that a website is too expensive for a local company like yours. But actually it is very expensive to NOT have a website. Although the development costs can vary a lot, a website for an average SME costs less than 100 USD per month. Be aware how many people you can reach and operate thanks to your website, and compare the costs with advertising in print. I’m sure a website is much more cost-effective to bring your business to the attention than the traditional newspaper ads you use now.

You keep your customers informed

You can use your website for various purposes. See your website as an online brochure, catalog or convincing presentation. By dynamically deploying your website you can easily and quickly share new information about your products or services with your customers. Much faster and cheaper than via print ads. This makes it an effective way to keep your customers informed about your new collection, events, special promotions and promotions or new services you offer. Unlike newspaper ads, your website is the perfect tool to provide your customers with current news and information.

Most customers scan the internet before buying products
Customers will try and find products on their laptop 24/7

Always accessible

You have certain opening times for your store or company. However, your website is available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So even if you are not working, or not in the store, your (potential) customers can still obtain information about your company. Perhaps at the same time as you are browsing at home to find a certain product.

Possibility of a broader market

Whether you sell products or services, your website offers an alternative place to sell it. For a retailer, a website / web shop is a perfect place to offer your product or service to a broader target group. You can offer your product or services worldwide! Do you think your product or service is not purchased via the internet? Then peek at your competitor. Nowadays anything can be sold online!

Use it as a shop window

It does not matter what type of business you have. A professional website is a good way to show what you do, sell or make. Use a portfolio, show reactions from customers, and explain why your company is unique. Convince your potential customers!

To support your customer service

Show that you are an expert in your field. Do you sell leather jackets? Then tell how a coat of a certain type of leather can best be maintained. Do you have an accounting office? Then give tips that help your customers to make accounting easier. Ask frequently asked questions giving you extensive answers. (Also read this article why you HAVE to act now to get a HTTPS SSL certificate). Write articles with tips from time to time. You can also use newsletters (e-mail marketing) to send your customers your most recent information weekly or monthly. Keep them informed and stay on top of their mind!