April 06, 2019

Boost your business with effective UX

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A fantastic and effective UX (user experience) for your website or customer portal is essential to remain or become distinctive. That it improves your conversion is an open door, and that your customers stay with you - retention - too. But what is sometimes underestimated is the long-term effect.

Positive UX works through efficiency, value to productivity or your own employees. In Dropbox, IBM and Uber, we dropped major tech Parties such as Dropbox, IBM and Uber in the last few years to adjust their UX versus Development ratio from 1 in 25 to 1 in 7.

Are you thinking about renewing your customer portal website? Build this from the perspective of your visitor and you win on these 5 levels;

1. Make your visitor a fan

Imagine two supermarkets. In terms of distance just as far from your house and exactly the same in terms of range. Despite the similarities, you will sooner be inclined to come back to the supermarket with clear signing and that friendly and helpful but slightly chaotic cassiere than to the competitor with unrivaled shopping paths and surly staff. This is also how it works online: with a logical and user-friendly interface that matches what you are looking for, you are much more inclined to stay on the website and click further.

To achieve that user-friendliness, you need to know who your target audience is and what their pains and gains are:

  • At what moments do you make the difference?
  • Do you offer relevant solutions?
  • How do you distinguish yourself from your competition?

By scoring above expectations you surprise your visitor and you have a fan. With really quick click through or for example the addition of a micro animation that puts a smile on your face.

Fact: visitors decide within 10 seconds whether they stay on your website. This is even shorter on mobile; 6 seconds. If you consider that 1 second saves 27% in conversion, an investment in your interface is quickly earned back.

2. Lock the back door

Start from the beginning and make sure you have a solid online base. Think good support when it suits the customer. Clear obvious obstacles such as a maze of content pages or the use of extensive forms. Because in the current market, almost all visitors go to another provider after a bad online experience - there are plenty of them, after all. Research from the Temkin Group shows that it is not necessary to have current customers switch to a competitor.

88% of visitors say: after a bad online experience I go to someone else

At the moments that it comes down, for example if a customer is uncertain or has to perform a somewhat more difficult task on your website, a bad user experience creates resistance. If you offer well-thought-out user flows with smart and attractive interaction solutions at these moments, your visitor will be inclined to click further and stay longer on your website.

3. More efficient business processes

Fact. Everything you can solve with technology saves your employees time. Consider the use of an extensive FAQ or passing on changes to personal data via a customer portal: it all saves human actions within your organization. It also gives your customer the feeling that they can contact you 24/7. The use of a customer portal has more advantages. It also has an impact on your internal processes; as an example, for one of our customers we have reduced the overhead hours of an entire department by 31% through the development of a new customer portal. This also earned itself back within the year.

4. Growth through an increase in customer lifetime value

Satisfied customers are the best advertising: free and extremely credible. After a positive experience with your company, they recommend you to others sooner. If you invest in the optimization of the UX for your current client base instead of incurring costs for recruiting new clients, that ultimately yields more. If you translate that into numbers it means:

5% more customer retention leads on average to a growth of 25 to 95% of your profitability

Retention is mainly about a huge increase in customer lifetime value: with a retention of 80%, a customer who spends 1200 dollars each year is worth 6000 dollars. With a retention boost of 5%, the value of the same customer is suddenly 8000 dollars!

In addition, if you spend every dollar on solving customer demand in the design phase when developing a website or portal, you will save a lot of money compared to solving it in the development phase. Upwards of a tenfold, and the hundredfold after the first release: making adjustments afterwards in the application or in your service is very time consuming and expensive.

Every dollar we invest in user-friendliness and ux yields 10 to 100x as much.

Many companies measure their customer loyalty with the Net Promoter Score. An excellent management tool to gain insight into how your customer experiences your brand. The challenge is then to convert the obtained data into actual improvements in your website or customer portal. This can be solved by using effective UX.

5. Happy crew = financial growth

And last but not least: the development of a state-of-the-art new website or customer portal for your company also has an effect on employees. The ease of use improves the work processes and the investment that is made in the people ensures more involvement and connection. A strong, beautiful brand makes employees happy to identify with it and internalize it. And a positive image of your organization is created that is happy to be shared with the outside world.

Only when employees are very involved with the brand will they start thinking and acting in a certain way, which ensures the specific results that the company is looking for. When employees internalize the goal and values of the organization, they make decisions that clearly support the set priorities. Ultimately, they design and deliver customer experiences that fit the brand and that strengthen the competitive position of the brand.

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