March 10, 2019

Using chatbots to optimize the customer journey

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Chatbots can now be found on any platform. A chatbot is a text-based dialogue system that uses artificial intelligence (AI). Sounds complicated? Not really, let me explain. Since the rise of Voice Search, the demand for chatbots is increasing. Chatbots will experience a lot of growth as a communication channel;

in a few years most online communication will take place between humans and robots. With this, chatbots will play an ever greater role in the customer journey. Since chatbots are making themselves smarter through artificial intelligence, it is important to start on time. Do you want to know what a chatbot can mean for your company? Keep on reading and discover new opportunities.

Using chatbots as a communication channel: the numbers

According to Ayat from Invesp, chatbots in customer service industry is growing. According to estimates, more than 67% of consumers worldwide have interacted with a chatbot for customer support in the past year. Unfortunately the infographic doesn't display any information about the impact on customer satisfaction, but with the right implementation, explained by TELUS International, it actually boosts customer satisfaction significantly, especially as the answers are available right away, with the use of well implemented machine learning (ML) or artificial intelligence (AI).

Chatbot infographic

Marketing opportunities for chatbots

The more human the chatbots occur, the more opportunities are seen for online marketing purposes. Chatbots can be used to realize growth in leads or sales. It gives your customers a better user experience where they are spoken to 24/7, which contributes to the overall customer experience. Service is a major differentiator to competitors. All questions asked about a chatbot are saved and provide better insights into the questions your customers have. The chatbots can work on multiple platforms. In addition to its own website, for example Facebook Messenger is a very popular platform.

Why now?

At the moment chatbots are still considered relatively 'stupid', the communication is more like that of an adult and a child. People will behave differently against robots, because the chatbots generally understand less of the context and show less emotions. However, the future for conversational experiences, or chatbots, looks better. They make themselves smarter through artificial intelligence, they learn from every conversation and have to be trained a lot by employees. All insights that your company can already gain and everything that the chatbot can learn, will ensure an edge in the future!

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