April 02, 2019

Facebook marketing 2019: 5 trends you should embrace

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Are you a marketer who stays ahead of the curve by investigating market developments and staying in-the-know? If not, you should be, otherwise, you could lose out on some major opportunities. The same is especially true for social media — a place where things could change every day. Your Facebook marketing 2019 goals should be a top priority, starting today. If you haven’t already taken notice of these 5 trends, it’s time to jump on board!

It is essential for every app publisher to know the importance of mobile user experience. Building an app that does not comply with user expectations has no purpose. Since user experience is a major criterion in judging an app’s success, creating a great app user experience depends upon revenue generation and customer satisfaction. This post covers tips on where to start.

Your Facebook marketing 2019 outlook

With a multitude of meaningful platforms for social media marketing, why choose Facebook? According to Buffer, it remains the largest social media site with over two billion active users every month and more than 65 million businesses who use a Facebook page. With such staggering statistics, you can see why it’s crucial for your business to also be on Facebook. And, while you think you may know it all (because you use the platform personally) the business side is an entirely different approach. Your Facebook Marketing 2019 strategy should include these 5 updates:

  • 1. Messenger
  • 2. Live stream videos & stories
  • 3. Video creation kit
  • 4. AR (Augmented Reality)
  • 5. Advertising

1. Use Facebook messenger & chat bots

The Messenger app is widely used for sending private messages, and it’s becoming more popular than ever before this year. However, the use of chatbots is a more recent feature that has grabbed the attention of many business owners. As a busy entrepreneur, you don’t always have time to respond to each message individually. Now, you can simply set up an automatic response with Facebook’s features and even craft your own custom message. Never worry about missing a meaningful conversation again!

2. Live stream & stories

If you haven’t heard of Facebook Stories, let’s bring you up to speed. The user-generated feature within the mobile app allows you to take a short video that disappears after 24 hours, similar to Snapchat. But don’t be convinced that it’s only for sharing with friends. Since you can access Stories from your Facebook Business page, it’s a fantastic way to share special moments within your company. Celebrating an employee birthday? Have a new product? Show it off on Facebook Stories! Add fun filters and location tags, so relevant viewers can find you — then watch the comments pour in.

Already an active user on Facebook Stories? You’re off to a great start! Next, try advertising your brand on Stories to reach a different group of people who may not use feeds and wall posts anymore.

3. Converting images to videos

Last year Facebook rolled out new features for businesses to easily convert still images into videos. Take a look at the latest and greatest Facebook mobile video ad features:

  • Video creation kits – This simple tool lets you take brand images and logos, drop them into one of four pre-defined templates and spits out a short 6-15 second video by using transitions, slight movements, and graphic effects.
  • Video cropping – Facebook is also giving businesses a video cropping tool that allows you to get the right aspect ratios within the ad creating process. This is especially useful when creating Stories.
  • Video effects tool – Creating an ad from your Facebook business page? Try the “Animate This Post” feature! Located with the ad creation, it gives your post some movement that makes it come to life and pop out to users more than a still image.

4. Augmented reality (AR)

It may seem futuristic, but AR is already upon us in more ways than you may realize. With the “Tap to Try it on” feature within messages and now news feeds, people can use their phone camera to see what your product would look like on them. Examples range from sunglasses and hats to lipstick and jewelry. Pretty cool, huh? Start up an ad on Facebook and select the AR feature to get others trying out your products.

Augmented reality continues to evolve
As Augmented Reality evolves, consumer adoption rates will continue to grow

5. Advertising

This may seem like an obvious trend, but you would be surprised at how many brands aren’t taking advantage of Facebook advertising. In addition to the plethora of video ads (mentioned above), your brand can also create ads that work towards a specific goal like getting more followers or receiving more messages. Whichever method you choose, make sure to include key phrases to help your search engine optimization, an eye-catching image, and a link back to your website. Have fun, get creative, and most importantly, track your results so you can see which types of ads are performing the best.

Amp up your Social Media strategy

While you are likely excited to jump right into these Facebook marketing 2019 trends, you may not have the time or resources to consistently and professionally get the job done. The SEO specialists at scopeweb can help you turn your social media upside-down while meeting your marketing goals.

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