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Four reasons to start with UX design before it’s too late

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Everyone has been in the situation I’m about to describe. An impossible to understand instruction to get a device to work or a cabinet to screw together. You can read the manual for longer than you love, without really becoming wiser. That is pure frustration! And it is a good example of a bad (offline) ‘user experience’. Fortunately, there are also producers who understand it. A clear explanation with which you are ready in one, two, three steps. What a relief: a user-friendly design! The same principle applies to websites. With a fancy word that is called a user experience design (UX design). In this blog post, we dive into the four main reasons for a UX design to explain the value of a good user experience.

What is a UX design?

As mentioned, the letters UX stand for user experience. Simply put: how does a visitor experience your website? Does the experience of a visitor meet his expectations and leave the site with a positive feeling? Then your UX design is fine. At Scope Web we, unfortunately, see that in many cases this is not always the case. While the focus on UX is a way to distinguish yourself from your competitor. Are you wondering what advantages ren UX design entails? Then read on.

#1 Improvement of your organic findability

Did you know that a good user experience amounts to your online findability? Search engines, like Google, aim to help its users as good as possible. That is why they have set a number of criteria for ranking websites. User experience is one of these factors. Search engines collect data to understand the behavior of users. And this data is very similar to user experience related matters, such as the loading speed of your website. A nice catch (or reward) for a good UX is a high organic position!

SaaS superpower Moz has a very clear video about the influence that SEO and user experience have on one another. Worth it if you want to know more about this.

#2 More conversion

Have you ever wondered why you yourself prefer a particular website, while other sites provide exactly the same prices, content or products? This is the silent power of a good UX design. Contrary to what many people think, research shows that as many as 75% of all visitors primarily rate a website on its appearance. The aesthetics of your website is therefore essential. If you also score high on user-friendliness, it is no different than the conversions increase. Here are three tips you can get started with right away;

  • Usability. Despite the fact that it is quite obvious, it does not take away the importance of user-friendliness. How do you take care of this? In an earlier blog about conversion optimization, we explain how you can identify the behavior of your visitors in detail through a ‘heat map’. With this data, you can see exactly how you can optimize the usability of your site.
  • Reduce the number of clicks. The more clicks it takes to convert, the greater the chance that someone will drop out. This will increase your bounce rate and have a negative impact on your SEO. Therefore avoid long questionnaires or complicated registrations. Do you have a webshop? Then the ‘one-page checkout’ is a technique that you can use for this. Check out our services to learn more.
  • Keep their attention. Also a clear advice, but how do you achieve that? The best way to achieve loyalty, is through a personal touch and the use of video content. In one of our upcoming blogs, we talk about how you can create this kind of content, so make sure you subscribe to our newsletter.

#3 More customer loyalty

In addition to attracting new customers, a good user experience also ensures that current customers remain customers. Customer loyalty is created by a series of positive experiences. These experiences bind users to your product or service and ensure that they come back. Are you doing very well? Then these loyal customers might become ambassadors of your brand! A good user experience is a key factor that contributes to a positive experience.

#4 Time saving

By investing in a better UX design of your website it is possible to save precious time. That sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? But actually makes a lot of sense, because a UX design ensures that users can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for. Less time wasted on questions that come into your customer service and less ambiguity among potential customers. A win-win situation!

Questions? We are happy to help you.

Do you have a question about user experience, or are you curious about the possibilities of a UX design for your website? Please contact us. We are happy to help you on your way. You can reach us through our live chat or sending an email to


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