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Improve your organic findability? Look at these metrics

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Online findability; something that is essential for every company to attract new customers today. One of the ways to put your business online is via Google’s free search results. If your website scores well on a relevant keyword, this can generate valuable traffic. The art of obtaining a high position in Google search results is called SEO (search engine optimization). But how do you do that exactly? To improve your organic findability there are three pillars to take into account. In this blog post, we explain what these pillars are and how you can get started with them today.


Can Google read all the pages on your website? Is your website set up correctly? These are questions that are both relevant to the technique of your website. Google finds it very important that the websites they recommend are technically sound. Understandably so, because nobody is wanting to wait for a website that takes forever to load. There are many parts that influence the technique of your website. The loading time of the web pages is one of them. In the blog “Page speed factor for mobile ranking in Google”, we explain how you can optimize the speed of your website.

In addition to loading speed, it is useful for Google to better understand the content of your page. By creating the content in the right way, you provide valuable information. This is also called structured data. There are different types of structured data such as product information, company information, and event information. Through the Google structured data tool, you can test whether your website uses structured data. Curious about what to look out for? In our blog; “Structured data what can you do with it” We provide a handy insight in structured data and how you can start using it.


The content of your website is the second pillar that is important. Your content determines which keywords the website is optimized for. In other words, very important to keep an eye on because you want relevant traffic to end up on your website. There are many points of interest when writing good SEO content. Want to learn more about how we can help you create compelling content? Send us a message.


The last pillar to keep an eye on is the authority of the website. But what exactly do we mean by authority? Authority has everything to do with your link profile. These are the number of sites that are linked to your website. If many websites link to you, this is a sign for Google that your website has good content; Why else would so many sites refer to you? In addition to the quantity, the quality of the links is decisive. A link from a website that has already proven itself to Google counts heavier.

Any questions?

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