April 26, 2019

Lean startup, agile & design thinking

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The terms Lean Startup, Agile and Design Thinking are used interchangeably and that does not make it easy to communicate about the processes to build software. In this article we explain what they mean.

Lean Startup

Lean Startup is a method for developing companies and products. This method aims to shorten the development time and to quickly test new value propositions. This can be achieved by a combination of three things. First you need to get started with making and testing hypotheses about your company or product. You then launch new functions in iterative phases. Finally, you must view the results of the hypotheses as validated learning. With these new insights, you can continue to develop step by step.

This method was devised in the 90s in Silicon Valley. However, the term "lean" has been used for much longer. This term can be traced to Japan, which indicated the efficiency of the Toyota production system.

To quote Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, “The Lean Startup offers a scientific approach to get companies off the ground faster and hand over a desired product to the customer faster. It is a fundamental approach to the development of new products. "


Agile is a way of working, based on an iterative development method, which involves a step-by-step delivery and continuous review of a product.

It comes from the software world and assumes that you have already made a product market fit. In addition, Agile's focus is on delivering working features after every "Sprint". According to one of the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto, working software is the only parameter of progress. Therefore also work in small steps. Let your end user test your software and build on it!

Since we are in software development, we have more to do with Agile than with the Lean Startup method. However, we can always think along with your concept. Do you want to grow your startup with software? Shoot us a message.

Design thinking

Design Thinking is also an iterative process in which we try to understand what the pain points are of the customer. In addition, assumptions are challenged and problems redefined to come up with new strategies and solutions.

Unlike "Brainstorming", Design Thinking plays with the term "Painstorming" to fully use the pain of the user. In general, Design Thinking means that you first come to the point where you fully understand the customer's problems. You will then challenge assumptions to arrive at innovative solutions.


At scopeweb we also offer the possibility to undertake such a Design Thinking session (we use the term "Brainstorming") to fully chart the problem. We then apply Agile to building your software to offer a solution as quickly as possible. Would you like to know more about a brainstorming session? Then contact us.