March 06, 2019

Why your websites speed matters, especially for mobile visitors

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It happens to everyone: you are on the road looking for information, using your smartphone. From the Google search results you have made a choice and you click through to the website. Then it starts... ...waiting... ..waiting... ..and waiting a while... ..and then: leave it, you opt in to find another website.

People's patience (website visitors) is often very limited, especially mobile. Speed is extremely important. Various studies often show that every second gain in speed can result in additional visits and thus leads, customers and sales.

If you want to serve your customers well, a fast responsive site is indispensable. Compare it with recording your phone. You also take that as quickly as possible and do not allow yourself to be transferred unnecessarily for 20 seconds. User experiences start at the click from the search results.

Why is speed so important?

The majority of websites now receive more visitors via mobile than from desktops. Where you might not notice a lot of "slower" websites with a good internet or fiber optic connection, you notice this mobile all the more.

Unfortunately, the entire country is not perfectly equipped with 4G connections. Not to mention good wifi or hotspots. That is why it is especially important for mobile to have your site loaded as quickly as possible.

Benefits with a fast mobile website:

  • Better user experience
  • Less exits/lower bouncerates
  • More customers and sales
  • Increase in positions in Google results

Where do you start?

Google Analytics is the easiest starting point. In the section: Behavior you can find a special report for the speed of your website.

Turn this over a relevant period and look especially at the number of seconds.

What is fast?

There is a lot to say about speed.

The rule of thumb is often the following:

  • 1 to 2 seconds is very fast
  • 2 to 4 seconds is fast
  • 4 to 6 seconds can be acceptable
  • 7 seconds or longer is slow

Ideally, the aim is a loading time of 1 seconds for the homepage. This will not be realistic in many cases. Remember that 1 to 2 seconds is really olympically fast and that 2 to 4 seconds is often fast enough.

Which factors are important?

If you are talking about speed of websites then there are many factors that affect this.

  • 1. Hosting
  • 2. Content
  • 3. Technology

1. Hosting

Especially the first factor is usually easy to improve. Upgrading your hosting package can make a big difference. Moreover, the effect is easy to measure.

Discuss with your hosting party whether you can run on a faster hosting package for 1 month - as a test period. Then check again in Google Analytics if it has made a difference. For smaller clients we often use a Vultr or DigitalOcean setup, wheras for serious applications we help customers migrate to Microsoft's Azure platform, which has significantly better hardware performance.

2. Content

Within the content of the website things often go wrong with the photos. These are immediately uploaded into the content management system, often in the best resolution.

It can be a quick solution to track and reduce all photos on the website. This so-called compression improvement can make a big difference. At sites that run on WordPress, special plugins can also be found here.

3. Technology

With this part it can become a lot more difficult. This is largely dependent on the system where the website is built. The way in which the site is structured and the knowledge and experience of the web builder.

Ask your web builder to think along with you to make the website faster. From a technical perspective, they can best advise you on possible speed gains.

Need help with your (mobile) website?

Websites can be a very efficient tool to reach your target audience. That is why it is important to manage this properly and keep it up to date. We have a lot of experience in designing, setting up and optimizing (mobile) websites. Let us know what challenge you have.

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