March 19, 2019

Ranking higher in Google: the basics

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Everyone wants to get higher in Google. But you should not just start optimizing. It is good to know what the basics are so that you know what to do. In this article we explain how to start SEO.

SEO in short

First a short intro about SEO. The abbreviation stands for the English term Search Engine Optimization. So: optimize your website or webshop for search engines (in particular Google). Why you should do this? The answer is simple: you want to be found well, so that you are assured of a high number of organic visitors in the long term.

We are especially talking about Google when we talk about search engines. Google has by far the largest market share with us. Besides Google you also have Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Yandex, DuckDuckGo and more.

The basic principles

There are more than 200 factors that determine how high you are in Google. Of course, one factor is important than the other. We do not all visit these, although Google does not just give them up. Ultimately, there are three pillars that Google looks at when they review a website or webshop:

  • Technology
  • Content
  • Authority (also called popularity)


Technology is, as it were, the foundation of your site. If this is not good, you have to make an extreme catch up with content and authority. With technology we mainly think of error-free code, which is "semantically" correct.

The speed of the site is also very important. Google also takes this into consideration and this is becoming increasingly important. In our society people want to absorb a lot of information as quickly as possible and that does not include a slow website. Curious about the speed of your website and it's performance? Contact us for a free audit.

Google also looks for example at your security (do you have an SSL certificate?) And whether your website is responsive.


You have to offer good content to the visitor. This is (rightly) at Google still very high on the priority list. After all, the visitor must be well served in terms of content. Summary information is no longer of this time.

Components that Google is looking at:

  • Length of the text
  • Keyword density
  • Use of headings
  • Use extra elements
  • Proper use of URLs / link structure
  • Strong meta-description
  • Relevant images/videos
  • Summaries
  • And more...

With the examples above you can use a lot of "tricks", which Google ultimately appreciates again. If you have a good mix of these elements, this will be well appreciated. And of course do not stick to one subject, the more extensive the better. Bear in mind that a good structure is applied here. We can also help you with this.

Authority (popularity)

An old pillar, but still very important is the authority (or popularity). This is a bit more shadowy than the other two pillars, because it is more difficult to put a finger on what is now good or less good.

Authority is actually the newer version of "link building". In the past, link building was nothing more than placing as many links as possible on all possible sites (also paid). Nowadays this is no longer possible. You now have to figure out where you want to place a link and preferably this should be a site with high authority.

> You can compare link building with networking.

Compare it to networking. If an executive of a large company recommends you, this will be well appreciated. When an intern recommends someone, less value is attached to it. That's how Google works.

The value of the domain name is also important. An old domain name has more value than a new one. The url is also important: a short and relevant domain name is stronger than a very long, non-relevant domain name. The extension (what comes after the name, such as .nl, .com etcetera) has influence. Example: is better than

When will you get higher in Google?

If you have all three pillars in order, chances are that you will get higher in Google. In the beginning you often have to invest a relatively large amount in SEO (compared to SEA), but in the long term you reap the benefits. It can take a while (a few days - weeks) until you see the results of your work. If you then look very good, you also have to invest less.

If you have ambitions to optimize your website, we are happy to help you. Then contact us for any questions, by sending us an email at ( or call us at (570 580 7737). We are also happy to answer any questions you may have!