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Three hook-ups for extra sales in your webshop

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The holidays are back on the doorstep and that means for webshops crowds and a lot of online traffic. Very important, therefore, to focus on turnover, turnover, and turnover on these days. Because in this period it has to happen! As a retailer, for this reason, you can no longer rely on the terms: Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Read on for more text and explanation about these globally known e-commerce hook-up moments.

11 November 2018 Singles Day

Every year, Singles Day is ‘celebrated’ on 11 November. What started in 1993 as a public holiday for single students in China is now the most important day for shopping online. A day that is now known inside and outside of China. In fact, experts nowadays call this day ‘Global Shopping Festival’. The date is due to the fact that 11-11 (November 11) is the day with the most ones, which symbolizes being single. Today it has a large commercial approach because many online stores offer additional discounts and promotions. This day is still in its infancy in the Netherlands and it is expected that the attention for Singles Day will increase exponentially in the coming years.

23 November 2018 Black Friday

Black Friday has now become a well-known term within e-commerce country. Hunting for products with competitive prices is then seen as the main activity. Black Friday is directly related to Thanksgiving and falls on the day after this American holiday. The term Black Friday is seen by some as a reference to the heavy traffic that is traditionally that day, others say it has to do with the day on which bank transfers in the financial crisis turned from red to black. It is at least the period of the big Christmas shopping.

26 November 2018 Cyber Monday

As a counter reaction to Black Friday, the first Monday after Thanksgiving there is the Cyber Monday. This day is known as the day where all the promotions, discounts, offers and associated craziness that Black Friday brings to physical stores, now also establishes online. This online shopping day started after more and more people stopped shopping on Black Friday because of the high traffic.

How do you leverage these e-commerce days?

The approach is, of course, different for each sector and everyone will respond differently. But these tips are for everyone to apply.

  • Make a marketing plan for these hook-up days. Announce your action days on all your platforms and inform your target groups through newsletters and your social channels. As a company, take the time to set up marketing campaigns and use popular keywords related to Black Friday for a strong organic position.
  • Analyze and use your data for a pricing strategy.
  • Create separate campaigns on Google Ads or customize your ads during this period.
  • Think carefully about the type and quantity of products that you have to earn for your inventory. Nothing is as annoying as not being able to deliver placed orders.
  • Provide a team that is (extra) committed during this period to ensure the smooth running of this activity and all related questions.
  • Consider what ‘after sales’ promotions you offer to bind customers to you.

Is your webshop ready for these globally known e-commerce days or can you still use some help? Or are you working on a campaign strategy for 2019 and are you ready for a fresh look? Feel free to contact us and we are happy to help you.

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