Gemini Gas Springs

Web Development & Design

Gemini Gas Springs Inc. is a Canadian based family owned and operated business with over 25 years experience and is a leading North American manufacturer of high industrial quality gas springs. In addition to supplying clients in Canada, the United States, Central and South America they export to many other countries.

Prior to our work, Gemini Gas Springs Inc. had an online presence through a Joomla website, using the VirtueMart setup for product display. Our team has built their new website from scratch to allow an easy to maintain, update, upgrade and secure environment for modular integration of additional future requirements. Being a long-term client, we continue to work with Gemini Gas Springs Inc. to continously improve their website.

Gemini Gas Springs product page

Lifting. Industrial. Quality.

The Gemini Gas Springs Inc. website is built on top of the opensource Grav CMS. With the large amount of product pages, an easy to navigate structure was much needed which is where we have added breadcrumbs site-wide to allow visitors to easy navigate between pages. All pages are easily shared through Twitter or Facebook and dynamically load a fitting description and title based on the page location. To reflect the high-focus on customer satisfaction we created an intuitive website that allows visitors to easily connect and contact the people behind Gemini Gas Springs Inc.

Gemini about page
Gemini Gas Springs Inc. testimonials page

On to the next level

Later this year we're launching a new product configuration tool, a gas spring configurator, allowing customers to easily configure all possible product combinations. We also continue to provide maintenance services with an integrated Search Engine Optimization strategy to keep Google ranking at a steady growth rate.