Product Concept

GoRemote is a work-in-progress and is one of the bigger projects we are taking on as part of our product development team. By building SaaS platforms, we have gained the experience to service our clients even better. For this, we keep building side-ventures to keep our entrepreneurial spirits strong and fresh.

Job sites as they are right now suck, but it gets worse once you start looking for remote positions. Unfortunately many businesses have started abusing remote whilest requiring candidates to be within the same country as the businesses HQ. GoRemote jumps into this gap by becoming a platform for the digital nomads amongst us, only accepting job listings from businesses that let you work from anywhere around the world no matter your country of origin.

GoRemote is in active development and is expected to release in a beta launch late 2018. Keep an eye out on our Twitter account to receive a beta invite.

Goremote mockup images