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March 19, 2019
Ranking higher in Google: the basics

Everyone wants to get higher in Google. But you should not just start optimizing. It is good to know what the basics are so that you know what to do. In this article we explain how to start SEO.

March 10, 2019
Using chatbots to optimize the customer journey

Chatbots can now be found on any platform. A chatbot is a text-based dialogue system that uses artificial intelligence (AI). Sounds complicated? Not really, let me explain. Since the rise of Voice Search, the demand for chatbots is increasing. Chatbots will experience a lot of growth as a communication channel;

August 09, 2018
7 reasons to have a professional website

Like many SMEs and local entrepreneurs, you may think that a professional website does not add value to your company or that it does not fit your budget. Or do you think that because you don’t use your computer or laptop as much, your potential customers do not do that either? Typical misconceptions, if you ask me. In this post I’ll give you reasons why I think your company really needs a website. Regardless of the size and type of company.

August 08, 2018
Why your green padlock is changing to a gray one.

In recent months, almost every company has dived into privacy rules. Thanks to the arrival of the GDPR, most of us have become more security aware than ever before. On an increasing number of websites, we get welcomed with cookie reports and of course a green lock in the address bar indicating they have a valid SSL certificate (https). But, the green lock will soon disappear.