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Gemini Gas Springs Inc.

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Being a long term client, we helped Gemini Gas Springs Inc. by designing a modern, responsive, and intuitive website that continues to scale as we are launching a product configurator very soon. Meet Gemini Gas Springs Inc.

1. Business challenges.

Display the high industrial quality Gas Spring products to reach North American and global customers, alongside of continuous search engine optimization to become the #1 manufacturer in North America.

Initial targets.

Quick launch and redesign with very positive user conversion rates.

Google Analytics bouncerate down to 20-25% coming from 70%.

2. Teconologies used.

With our team consisting of experienced developers comfortable to build any products, we opted for our favorite CMS, the Grav CMS, for it's flexibility and low overhead. Being an opensource product, this allowed us to use a stable codebase without increasing the cost of development. On top of that, we use JavaScript and webpack build tools to develop a custom Gas Spring Configurator.

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3. Client discovery.

Having worked with some of our team mebers previously, it was easy to relate to the needs for Gemini Gas Springs Inc. as we were already comfortable with their products offering, implemented in the previous Joomla website we had built them. After doing a client discovery workshop, we established a sitemap, wireframe and quickly built a prototype before adding in all product pages.

4. Work completed.

For the Gemini Gas Springs Inc. website, we built custom plugins, for the Grav CMS, to display business opening hours, increase loading speeds, and query products for the Gas Spring Configurator at blazing fast speeds. Our marketing team has helped ranking Gemini Gas Springs Inc. and is providing continued support for Search Engine Optimization. With a solid maintenance contract, we help Gemini Gas Springs Inc. stay safe in an ever changing digital landscape.

5. Long term goals.

As we continue to working with Gemini Gas Springs to give their high industrial quality Gas Spring products visibility to the markets they serve, we have seen some great first results. We continue to work on SEO optimization and continously provide strong research combined with data analysis to keep growing in ranking and visibility. Gemini Gas Springs Google Analytics results

  • Date
    Jan 2018 - Ongoing
  • Client Name
    Gemini Gas Springs Inc.
  • Project Type
    Web Development, Web Design, SEO
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