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GivEasy Donation Platform.

GivEasy Case Study Image 1
GivEasy was concepted during a hackathon in New York City. With our strong interest in helping people in need, we built GivEasy to make donations for clothing & canned food frictionless.

1. Defining the product & platform.

The challenge was to create a simple and clean looking donation website that can be easily used by both the donator and the charity connected to the GivEasy platform. The online donation process in general is also subjected to government legislations that every donor must enter his full info. The goal of our design was of course, to improve the conversion rate of the donations and generate enough volume for charities to drive around and pickup the items at peoples homes.

Initial targets.

Create a geolocation platform, allowing charities to pickup items from donators.

Connect to enough donators and charities to make the product viable.

2. Teconologies used.

With our team consisting of experienced developers comfortable to build any product in a JavaScript stack, the MvP version is built using JavaScript technologies such as the Express framework, connecting to a NoSQL MongoDB database. Our geolocation code is a custom implementation, proprietary to the GivEasy product.

3. Future roadmap.

Though this project has been frozen for the past 6 months, we're looking to relaunch it later this year with a stronger iteration and a bigger marketing campaign. Previously we had targeted a local university, but later this year we're looking to use social media channels too, alongside of traditional marketing around New York City. With a fully remote team, we're also looking to launch the platform outside of the United States with our newly opened Netherlands location.

  • Date
    June 2018 - August 2018
  • Client Name
    Internal Project
  • Project Type
    Web Development, Web Design, SEO