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Go Remote Job Board.

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We started developing GoRemote to build a job board that cuts out the location requirements for candidates. Being a remote-first company we love the freedom it offers all of us.

1. Defining the product & platform.

The first problem we want to solve with GoRemote, is avoiding the stress of relocation, allowing you to work from any place you can possibly imagine. The second problem we're set to solve is how to actually make people be able to go remote. If you still have a job, tied to an office, it's unlikely to happen.

Initial targets.

Define and build an MvP which launches before the summer of 2019.

Build out the core product team, that will develop, maintain and grow the product after the MvP launch.

2. Teconologies used.

With our team consisting of experienced developers comfortable to build any product in a JavaScript stack, the MvP version is built using JavaScript technologies such as React for the frontend, Express as backend framework, connecting to a NoSQL MongoDB database. For the second iteration, after MvP launch, we're looking to refactor the backend to have a more stable framework in place, that will replace Express.

3. Future roadmap.

Technically, this project has been super trivial, but the real challenge here lies in growing an audience to make a job board work. And then connecting that to companies who need people. We're continously exploring new partnerships to reach a bigger market, and the ever growing group of digital nomads. Besides that, jobs are always a great source of revenue. The recruitment market is huge. Helping companies get the right people to do their work will always be a valuable offering. And doing that for remote work seems like a pretty obvious market need to us.

  • Date
    Jan 2019 - Ongoing
  • Client Name
    Internal Project
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    Web Development, Web Design, SEO
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