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With sophisticated search engine optimization from the best in the business. Search engine optimization can mean the difference between being discovered and being ignored. Between growing revenue or status quo. Between success and failure. And search is constantly evolving.

  • SEO Audits provide a comprehensive look at your site and a playbook for ongoing improvement.
  • Intensive Keyword Research to guide content and on-page search engine optimization decision-making.
  • Site Structure and Internal Linking Reviews to spot opportunities for immediate improvement and strategic cross-linking to your most important content.

Pick and choose. Do it all. Either way, we bring the skills and expertise of a complete SEO skillset.

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Keyword Research & Marketing

Targeting the right keywords will help drive more targeted traffic to your site, as well as help your site rank well for relevant searches. Our keyword research services are based completely on your site and your industry.

Content & Copywriting

Scope Web will take the previously selected and approved keywords and naturally incorporate them into the existing content on each page of your website. These content recommendations are intended to make your site more “search engine friendly” without any sacrifices.

Google Advertising

Google is the most popular search engine in the world and thus it is the most competitive PPC market. When you need to meet your customers where they are, PPC advertising on Google is a great start.


Reach out to one of our experts and we'll get you up-to-speed with all the information you need. We're always available on the live chat (during office hours), and gladly help answer any questions.

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Everything from the speed of your website to how mobile-friendly it is can make a difference to your rankings in the search engines. These factors will also impact the conversion rate of your site, so it always makes sense to improve the user-friendliness of your website.

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Search Engine Optimization

1. Discovery & Audit.

Our first step is to meet with you to understand your business needs, and goals. We evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, compared to your top competitors, after which we perform a variety of SEO Audits including content, technical, social media, and authority (competitor) audits.

We build a tailored marketing plan to find the soft spot in your market and competitive advantage. We will also find new opportunities to connect to your target market.

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Discovery and SEO audit

2. On-page SEO & outreach

On-Page optimization is where our SEO experts really dive into setting up the web page or web pages that we will be ranking so that we give the search engines exactly what they want.

In this important process, we meticulously and methodically incorporate our results from the competitive analysis, keyword research and the website audit to dig deep into the genetics of the web pages and re-engineer the essential elements to make sure the web pages we are trying to rank are sending picture-perfect signals to the search engines.

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Discovery and SEO audit

3. Launch & marketing

Our marketing team has been doing outreach for over 10 years and has built up a massive army of dedicated users on dozens of popuilar social sharing sites that have hundreds of thousands of authority users.

You can’t know where to improve if you aren’t monitoring your website. We provide reports to our clients on the progress of our campaigns. We are therefore able to sit down with clients and find out what the best direction is for further improvement of the strategies we implement.

It takes years to build and maintain relationships. Luckily, we've been around for a bit!

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Discovery and SEO audit

Learn & Grow

You must adapt and evolve. SEO is not to be considered a one-time solution and must be an ongoing effort to maintain and establish a competitive advantage and drive substantial qualified traffic that directly impacts company revenue.

We work with only one company per industry and location. Start outranking your competitors now. Now is the right time to start, before your competitors discover our services and start outranking you.

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Discovery and SEO audit

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